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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > EnRoute > Help with using multicam vision and enroute
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    Help with using multicam vision and enroute

    I have been using enroute on multicam routers for over 12 years. I recently changed jobs and the software they were using was EZG code creator. I hate it and was able to get enroute4 from a friend who switched to a different software. Anyway, I have it up and running but I am trying to set it up to use the multicam vision when we print on acrylic and I cannot figure out how to set the tool up. I read that I need to make it tool 99, but I do not know how to create to tool in the tool library. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Help with using multicam vision and enroute

    what you need to do is very simple
    set a new tool
    with 1/4 "diameter at which
    you're going to name a camera
    and thou shalt put that tool in position # 99

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    Re: Help with using multicam vision and enroute

    I am tasked with getting our Multicam camera functionality up & running again after we lost our operator. I was able to get the camera calibrated & the camera offsets set. When I attempt to program a simple test cut... The Multicam will read all regmarks, then it pauses right before it is supposed to do the tool change for the final Cut. The G-Code looks OK, from what I can tell. And there are no "extra point or lines" left over, that could cause an issue. I am fresh out of ideas.... Our VISION tool is setup as Tool 99 in our enroute tool library, but I do not see a place to mirror that in the Multicam / Job Console. Any help would be much appreciated.

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