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    Promotion Price : $2,282.00 -

    Promotion Price : $2,282.00 - 2,536.00/set You Save : $254.00 - 282.00/set (10%)
    Small Size Four Axes Gifts CNC Engraving Machine
    Click Here: Small Size Four Axes Gifts CNC Engraving Machine $2,536.00

    The Artisman is a micro engraver which has accumulated 16 years of experience, and adopts the 9th generation of integrated driver controller with invented casted mechanic structure that makes it a superb design.
    This machine is entirely designed with waterfall design which is named by the meaning of water flow cuttingall at one go.
    Its structure consists of base, gantry, table-board, and lathe-hedd, and it applies the typical casting moulds which makes the machine strong and stable. Hence, it is suitable for installation and uninstallation, and satisfies the requirements of handcrafting work in micro machining and the training of education industry.

    Posted byPeng Xiaomin

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    Re: Promotion Price : $2,282.00 -

    Is the structure of that machine all made out of plastic?
    Andrew Werby

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