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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Leadshine > DM542? Discontinued?
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    DM542? Discontinued?

    I wasn't even aware the DM542 digital step driver every existed until now and saw how inexpensive it was, but I don't see it on leadshine website. Is it discontinued? Im looking for the most economical drives and really don't need more than 4.2 amps.

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    Re: DM542? Discontinued?

    DM542 is not Discontinued,but we have not released it on our website ,you can buy it from leadshine directly or leadhsine distributor .
    Are you in USA ? if so ,you can buy from Leadshine America Inc. (http://www.leadshineusa.com) ,and contact Chris
    Thank you !

    Application engineer

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    Re: DM542? Discontinued?

    What is your experience with dm542? Is it a good alternative to Gecko? I´m thinking about buying these drivers and need to know how they perform.

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