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    New CAM Features of ZW3D 2015 SP

    ZW3D 2015 SP has been released!The enhancements of ZW3D 2015 SP focus on the usability, stability, and function extension to provide a better design and fast machining CAD/CAM experience. It is ideal mid-range CAD/CAM software offering powerful CAD/CAM functions at less cost. This version would not fail you if you had high expectations for ZW3D 2015. This thread is mainly about the new CAM features of ZW3D 2015 SP. Below are some CAM highlights that you may be concerned about. Should you have any suggestion, please add your comments on this post.

    1. Usability
    · Manager---Smarter Drag and Drop
    · Drag from Components/Features/Frames/Tool to an Operation
    · Drag from Components/Features/Frames/Tool to an Operation folder
    · Drag an Operation to another as a reference operation


    2. Stability
    · Roughing--- Improvement of Roughing Link and Lead
    Support to generate non-tangent direction linear link and lead. Avoid extra helical lead in.


    3. Function Extension
    · Finishing--- New Chopping for More Applications and New Axis
    Control in Z level Operation
    ZW3D 2015 SP version enhances the generation of drive curve, which increases the accuracy and decreases the chopping tool path. Axis control parameter of Z level operation is a new 5 Axis function to generate 5 Axis tool path via adjusting lead and roll angle of tool axis.


    · Turning--- Support Turn Cycle Output
    2015 SP version supports roughing, finishing, and grooving turning cycle output. The cycle codes are G70~G75. Among them, G71, G72 and G73 are corresponding with Horizontal/Vertical pattern repeat cutting strategy in rough turning operation; G70 is finishing turning cycle code; G74 is Facing Groove output cycle code; And G75 is the radical groove cycle output.


    · Output--- New Parameters in CL File and Operation List

    Other CAM Enhancements: 3D Offset


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    Re: New CAM Features of ZW3D 2015 SP

    I currently am using a licensed version of ZW3D 2013. I received a copy of ZW3D 2015 SP, but was concerned about installing it. Will it affect the version I am already licensed for, or can I install it to try, and still have my 2013 version?

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    Re: New CAM Features of ZW3D 2015 SP

    Hi, please install ZW3D 2015 SP directly, it doesn't affect your 2013. email me if you have questions, yaohanlian@zwsoft.com

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    Re: New CAM Features of ZW3D 2015 SP

    thx fot your answer

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