New, Unused Hobby CNC Parts For Sale

I bought some parts with the intention of making a decent CNC machine but never acquired the rest of the parts. I just want to sell them rather than have them sit around in the house. My intent was to sell them unopened, since people like pictures however I just opened them yesterday 5/6/2015. Looking to sell the whole lot, but I'll split it if people are interested.

I have for sale:

1 set of 2 SBR-20 800mm (approx 2 ft 7 1/2 inches) rails (mounted and drilled) and 4 matching SBR-20UU pillow blocks with bearings. 1000mm cable chain carrier.

* Rails come with 1000mm cable carrier as well. They were packed with the carrier I paid 40 bucks for, I repackaged it all the same way after pics.

* The mounts have a couple dings due to shipping from China. They don't affect anything besides looks. The steel rails are perfect.

1 set of 2 4140 Steel acme lead screws, black oxide coated for long wear. Screw Specs:

1/2 - 8, 2 start, 1/4" travel per turn, 3 foot length each.

8 1/2 inch bearing blocks with cover plates, set of 8 thrust bearings with 16 washers and 8 steel clamp collars.

I don't have a shipping estimate for the whole lot as I only charge actual shipping costs, plus maybe a couple bucks if I need special packaging or something. Please contact me if interested and I'll get you an estimate and answer any questions.

List Date: 5/7/2015

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