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    how to set postprocessor for software - SteelTailor Legend I CNC cutting machine

    (Q) I am interesting in a plasma cutting machine for air ducts 1500x3000, regarding air ducts software, which one is the best air ducts software, the one can SteelTailor CNC cutting machine supply?

    (A) Lantek Software:- Lantek Expert Duct is a powerful module for calculating HVAC and Duct figures. It is one of the global leading Duct CAM software’s. SteelTailor CNC cutting machine will be able to support you with this software.

    (Q) How to set postprocessor (Controller) for Lantek software?

    (A) SteelTailor CNC cutting machine will be able to send you the Postprocessor setup file. You need to copy the postprocessor file to you software folder. Please contact our after sales team for details.

    (Q) I have a Legend I CNC cutting machine of SteelTailor, the machine works perfectly still, I see SteelTailor has change the controller, I am wondering if its possible to upgrade my old controller with the new one?

    (A) The Legend I CNC cutting machine controller is a handheld controller, To upgrade the controller you need to make lot of modification, also you need to make space on the electrical box to fix the controller, which will be difficult for you.

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    Hope this is helpful to you .
    Any other question ,pls email at service@steeltailor.com.
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    Re: how to set postprocessor for software - SteelTailor Legend I CNC cutting machine

    please i need the post processes for yeah legend

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