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    G-code plans for a cnc router

    Hello Everyone,
    If you want to build a rocking horse you go on line and purchase the plans trace them out and cut them on your bandsaw, drill them in your drill press, sand them with your sander and put it together.
    My question is can you purchase plan with G-code for a CNC Router for example a hope chest, cabinet doors, clocks, etc?
    Thank you,

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    Re: G-code plans for a cnc router

    You may be able to find some, but it's not common.
    The reason is that not all g-code is universal, and ideally, it should be tailored to your specific machine.
    Some controls may not support certain g-codes, and feedrates will tend to be different from machine to machine.
    Personally, I would never run g-code on my machine that was created by someone else.

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