We have been working with DeskCNC for a few years. Most of our work has been done with
Plexiglass. The controllers and motors were purchased from PDJ (Mr. Phil Judd) as a kit.
Bundled with the kit was a registered version of Desk CNC.

Here is the DeskCNC information:

version firmware V0
EXE dated 06/27/2014

Now, we are endeavoring into cutting aluminum. Phil helped me create the part that I'm trying
to cut which is basically a cylindrical section cut out of a block of aluminum. The radius of the
cylinder is 5 and 17/32 inches. The block of metal is 4" x 4" x 1/2" thick. The piece to cut
resembles this, but it is square instead of the 8"x2" dimensions as depicted.

Attachment 298420

I use DeskCam to create the toolpaths, given the STL file that Phil supplied me. He mentioned the toolpath setup parameters to set

When I did a trial run of the G-Code produced, our CNC xyz router table stalled, seemingly on the y-axis (front to back movements).
Our CNC incorporates two stepper motors for the Y-axis, one on the left and one on the right. They are "coupled" together through
DeskCNC. We have been successful hundreds of times cutting plexiglass with no stalling or staggering.

One thing Phil suggested was to change the motor current from the max of 4.2A down to something like 3A. This didn't make too
much sense to me after thinking about it. Let me know your thoughts about this. I did not change these settings on the controller
(we have the 2M542 controller) at this point.

Can you please let me know what the problem might be for the stalling?