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    Has anyone installed one of these Taig cnc mill spindle motor upgrades?

    after some excruciating slow engraving/milling i am looking into upgrade the spindle motor and was wondering if anyone has experience with this product. thanks

    100mm ER20 Water Cooled Motor Spindle 3KW Four Bearing and Inverter Drive VFD | eBay

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    Re: Has anyone installed one of these Taig cnc mill spindle motor upgrades?

    Obviously no one has
    It would be nice to get some feedback on these spindles. I've anecdotal comments that the bearings do not last, and I have seen one which needed replacing because the water supply got blocked, but given the inverter is a substantial part of the price, replacing the spindle should not be as expensive after a few years of heavy use. That is if the supplier is still in business
    Lester Caine - G8HFL
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    Re: Has anyone installed one of these Taig cnc mill spindle motor upgrades?

    There's a lot of quality variation in those Chinese spindles. Some people have been very happy with them, others not so much. More people seem to like the spindle itself than the Huanyang VFDs they're bundled with; pairing it with a quality inverter like a Hitachi often improves the experience. But there seems to be no shortage of suppliers for them.

    Personally, for my experiment in souping up a Taig, I fitted it with a smallish Perske spindle, which is a quality tool but rather expensive, especially new. It has lasted well, though. Here's a similar one on ebay (sold already, though): Perske Spindle Motor KRS 35.1-2D KRS3512D 1HP 17260 rpm 220/380vac
    Andrew Werby

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