Have an older Hardinge Conquest 42 with a Fanuc 0TC system.
Problem is a 1003 Alarm, “turret unclamp”. Repair manual says to rotate to pocket one and ref/index the turret, no help. The turret never seats back, sets about ¼” out.

Electrically, the diagnostic page shows the turret unclamp solenoid high/energized output bit Y86.1. This condition exists as soon as you power the machine up, even before the hydraulics is turned on. Checked the “turret zero point” and the “turret clamp prox. switch” inputs, they both work and the bit changes state on the diag. page. Also these switches have not been moved or adjusted.

Hardinge says the problem is the unclamp solenoid being on continuously. I agree but am having problems identifying what is keeping it on. This controller does not have the PMC ladder feature, so all I can do is check input – output status. I have a paper copy of the wiring diagram and the ladder for this machine. Will try to attach to this post.

Really appreciate any help on this problem.