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    New ATC 7.5kw watercooled spindle w/ syntec 6mb (Problem)

    Hi I'm new to the forum and just purchased a new router.

    I've got a lot of things figured out on it except one major setback.

    I absolutely can not get the spindle to run. The Syntec controller is not giving me any alerts either.

    I'm pretty sure its operator error (I hope).

    I put the controller in to MDI mode and eneter M3 S24000 and the machine acts as if its going to run the spindle and then it doesn't!
    It keeps telling me "busy"

    I've also used my post processor to tool path some simple geometry and the spindle STILL does not run.

    If anyone can help me out or give me some advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: New ATC 7.5kw watercooled spindle w/ syntec 6mb (Problem)

    Usually there is a little screen on the VFD that runs the spindle....what does it say? If nothing, look to the wiring and programming from the control to the VFD. If it reads either a speed in RPM or a hertz value (rpm divided by 50/60 hertz depending on where you are), then look to the wiring from the spindle to VFD.

    I assume it spins by hand? You've tried lower S values? S24000 might be too fast for some spindles.

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