We just got a NLX2500 with the CELOS control on it and it saves programs in .VPS files. It can also save them as .ND (g-code) but you have to re-import them the next time you want to run it. You also can't read .VPS files offline.

I wrote this visualbasic script to extract the g-code back out of VPS files offline. It was also the staring point to making VPS files offline as well as eventually building .CBA "job files" that the control uses.

It takes 2 command line argument

wscript.exe "Extract code form VPS.vbs" "source.VPS" -Quiet
Output will be a .ND file if the same name and in the same directory as the source file.

One word of caution. vbs does not handle large files well so processing files over 100k will quickly start taking more and more time to execute. At 200-300k it will probably be over a minute 500k 5-10 minutes.
Using DLL libraries instead of the included vbs Base64Decode() function would eliminate that though.