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    Bit and painting question...


    I figured out out to take a bitmap and import it into inkscape and get it saved out as g-code. Once I scaled it I cut some MDF using a 1/16" single flute bit, I went 0.050 deep. It turned out pretty nice for a first try at it, but a couple of the letters are too close so I am wondering if I should try a v groove type bit instead. It looks cool at 0.050 deep but I don't know that I need it that deep. Any other recommendations on what type of bit I should use for more precision than the 1/16" one gives? I like the square channel look of it though.

    Also, secondly, if I wanted to paint just the recessed area what is the best technique for doing that? Paint it and then sand the surface so only the recessed area is painted?



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    Re: Bit and painting question...

    I'm very very new to CNC but I'd say mask off the surface then paint it after the routing is done then remove the mask

    Good luck

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