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    Artcam Nesting is not real part nesting.

    Artcam question:
    So if you operate the nesting feature, it nests grouped entities well. But doesn't nest the toolpaths for those entities. I have only seen demos of people nesting very simplistic single operation nested parts (cutout) and not multiple operation -nested parts (champher, hole drill, text etch, rabbit and then, cutout)
    I am aware you can piggyback on previous selected entities by cascading your toolpath creation one after the other, but this is not what I am talking about. I have parts with 5 distinct operations and toolpaths that must go with those operations.
    If you have one part that has 5 different toolpaths, and you want 20 of these parts you have to re-select all the entities among all the copies turning what should be a quick nesting task into a slow job of 100+ clicks to redistribute the toolpaths onto their specific entities. Am I missing something here?
    Thank you for your response, it is very appreciated.

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    Re: Artcam Nesting is not real part nesting.

    none answered.. lol i have the same question.. cuz its boring to select entities one by one, the softweres shall have "select similar vectors" , or, "extend toolpath for similar vectors" it would be nice...

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