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    vacuum boxes and hold downs

    I am expecting a 6090 machine soon ..I'm very new at cnc

    i have seen a number of u tube videos on making vacuum hpls downs.

    The donek tools guy uses a shop vac.

    I'm toying with the idea of building a table since double stick tape can let go when least timely and clamps and screws can be a pain.

    I expect to be doing guitar parts and similarly sized jobs in timber.

    I would appreciate advice re vacuum boxes eg is a shop vac gutsy enough? how big a chamber is necessaty etc etc

    and other advice re hold downs generally.

    I have done a few searches and didn't get much joy there.


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    Re: vacuum boxes and hold downs

    Not sure how big guitar parts are bit sounds like you need a high vacuum gasket jig set up (if small).

    A few threads cover the theory but long and short is small pieces are hard as they have a small area for the vacuum (really the column of air above) to push on.

    And trust me they can fail at bad times too (is there ever a good time I ask rhetorically).

    Look at all Star adhesives for gasket bits. Never used but I do peruse.

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    Re: vacuum boxes and hold downs

    I'm toying with the idea of building a table since double stick tape can let go when least timely
    So can vacuum, or any other methods.

    Look at the vacuum clamping at joewoodworker.com
    That's similar to what you want. High vacuum with fixtures, not an entire table. And no, a Shopvac won't work for this.

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