I have a 50watt Chinese laser and just received a new power supply from Lightobject, (the this is my 4th power supply so i am done ordering straight from china) i decided to upgrade from the power supplies that I had been using. The supply i now have is rated 40-60watts & it is much larger than the previous supply ( I plan on upgrading to a new 60w tube eventually), I added an Ammeter to my machine so I can monitor the power as to not over work the tube. My question is now that I am going to hook this up the machine has an extra connection that is not on the new power supply, the connection that looks to be missing is the wire coming from the laser Cathode. Upon research most power supplies that I am finding online have the same connection as the new one i just received (pictures attached).

I have the H - L - WP - G - IN - 5V on the one harness

The FG - AC - AC plug Missing a spot for the diode wire that the original supply had.

My question is where should this extra wire go. I hope this makes sense. See pictures to better understand what i am trying to explain.