Hi Guys,
I have a 2008 DynaCnc plasma/router with 6000 series controller. Everything had been working well till late last year. I had intermittent problems with the, OK to move/Arc OK signal not getting through when using THC. Now the signal does not get through to Mach3 at all. The signal only is needed when using the THC. The machine will not move if the signal does not come in. I have checked the cable from the torch to the controller and all seems well. The parallel and 9 pin cables from computer to controller are all new.
Does anyone know where or what port/pin the "OK to move" signal comes into Mach and what the label might be inside Mach config utility.
I was wondering if I could lie to Mach and tell it that that signal was always on somehow, or just bypass it when the THC is turned on.
If it is a PCB card in the controller I am probably out of luck because they are out of business unless someone has a old 6000 series controller they have replaced or parted out and don't need anymore.
I appreciate your help.
I think I have a double post going, sorry