It's pretty cool what you're doing.

I quickly brought myself up to speed by skimming through the posts and trying to skim more quickly through the fight parts, although I admit I was rooting for one or two people (won't say who).

I was actually flying electric RC planes earlier today.


First of all, very awesome, I wish I had your skill set sir.

A couple of questions for you (or anyone who knows)

The demo video (post #139), very nice, how long have you been able to continuously run that machine for? What acceleration values are you using? Looking for inches per second squared or meters per second squared or G's, something like that.

I had a look through this document you posted in a previous post:

Is the torque in Nm (column H) valid across the entire speed range? If not, is there a torque vs speed graph? Also, do you know what the rotor inertia is for the different motors?

I ask, because I'm thinking of doing the math using some different gear reducers to predict the performance of larger, heavier machines using ball screws or rack and pinion including inertial effects. For example, calculating the maximum linear acceleration at different speeds (In mach 3 for example, you can only enter one acceleration value and you are stuck with that one value up to your top speed), the cutting force available at different speeds using a constant acceleration value, etc.

Also, not quite sure what you are doing for a power supply? Earlier there was some talk of using batteries to help out during peak demand? I can use up a 4 cell lipo in 7 minutes, but it takes 45 minutes to recharge, and that's just for one motor.