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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Fadal > HELP! Need to lower Z axis on vmc without power
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    HELP! Need to lower Z axis on vmc without power

    Hey all I just purchased a vmc 10 and I noticed in the photo they sent when it was ready to ship that they had the z axis blocked with a 4x4 into a vise but it's about 12" off the table and I will need to lower it to get it in my garage door when it gets here. Is there a way to get it lowered without having it hooked up to power?

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    Also does this machine have a counter weight that I need to make sure they block up or insert a pin into for shipping?

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    Re: HELP! Need to lower Z axis on vmc without power

    Grab the ball screw and lower the head. Very simple
    We have had good luck with our Fadals milling mostly soft steel and aluminum up to 5 axis. We are always looking for spare parts If you have a broken down Fadal give a shout.

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    Re: HELP! Need to lower Z axis on vmc without power

    You can also just remove the 4 bolts holding the Z axis motor and just pull it up and lay it down. JUST make sure you mark the coupler if its not already marked if its the original coupling from Fadal they usually have it Marked. But just make sure, that way you can make sure its in the proper orientation. And your C.S. wont be off for when you make tool changes.

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