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Thread: PP Trouble

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    PP Trouble


    I admit that I don't know much about the Lua scripting language. I am having trouble customizing the post I am using. What I want to do is insert a M00 code with a message at the start of each part after the first one. I keep getting the message inserted one line before the end of the part. This is the pp code:

    function OnNewPart()
    partCount = partCount + 1
    post.Text(" (Part: ",partName,")\n")
    if (partCount > 1) then
    post.Text(" M00")
    post.Text(" \"OK TO START Part: ",partName,"?\"\n")


    The resulting G code when a new part starts is:

    N0687 G02 X9.0841 Y10.4338 I-1.4421 J-8.2773
    N0688 (Part: salmon trivit 3 Duplicate 2)
    N0689 M00 "OK TO START Part: salmon trivit 3 Duplicate 2?"
    N0690 G02 X9.4523 Y10.2881 I-2.1645 J-6.0082
    N0691 (Operation: No Offset, layer2, T1: 14ga)
    N0692 (NEW CUT)
    N0693 G00 X2.3929 Y14.3847

    Notice that the message is inserted before the last block of G code for the part.

    What am I doing wrong?


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    Re: PP Trouble


    Anyone have any ideas? More info:

    This happens with parts that are nested using the Multiple Duplicate command. The parts nested using the array command don't seem to have this problem.

    What else do you need to know?

    I fix the problem using a text editor find function then cutting and pasting. A real PITA on a fully nested sheet!


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