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    Help importing text from AutoCAD to AlphaCAM

    I'm taking parts drawn in autoCAD and nesting and toolpathing them in AlphaCAM. Inside the parts contains text that I need but everytime I import a DXF or DWG the size of the test is growing/moving outside the perimeter of the parts once imported into AlphaCAM. Both programs are using the same text with the same name, .TFF extension and i'm selecting the same font on the 'Input CAD' window in AlphaCAM so i'm not sure why this is happening. I spent many hours trying to find a solution and have not found one yet. Has anyone else ever experienced this problem before or know of a solution? Thanks

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    Re: Help importing text from AutoCAD to AlphaCAM


    could you please attach your DXF?

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    Re: Help importing text from AutoCAD to AlphaCAM

    You need to convert the text to "lines & arcs" to become geometry that can be "machined"

    I think the AutoCAD term is "Explode".....this would turn the font into geometry that is fixed and is not altered during the export / import operation
    - you may get lots of line segments due to a TFF font type
    - you may have to do it 2x for a dimension ( separate leaders from text, then convert text to lines )

    Does AlphaCAM have a separate location for fonts ( other than the c:/windows/fonts path ) ?..... it may not be using the same actual font

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    Re: Help importing text from AutoCAD to AlphaCAM

    You need to use the Express Tools Explode Text command on the text.
    The regular Explode command does not work with text.

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    Re: Help importing text from AutoCAD to AlphaCAM

    Thank you very much Gerry that seemed to be the answer!!

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