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    Trouble cutting circles. Trouble with y-axis

    laser machine does a horrible job cutting circles. The beginning and end dont line up and one side is completely off. I have noticed that the laser cutter momentarily stops in the y-direction twice and not in the x-direction. This results in the imperfections. It also does this when cutting squares, though there is no problem cutting. The two black dots on the square show where the laser stops.

    I've replaced the controller and still the same thing.

    The laser should be aligned since I can cut through the wood at low power.

    Slowing the speed down to 3mm/s makes no difference

    I'm thinking that one of the two belts on the y-axis may be a one or two teeth off so that's what I'll be trying to fix next.

    I've seen posts about machines not cutting circles properly, but none of them mention momentary stops in the y-direction. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Re: Trouble cutting circles. Trouble with y-axis

    Before replacing the controller, about a $300 fix, did you try checking for loose wiring connections? It happened to me on my Chinese laser, was working fine and then one day it started screwing up. Take a little screwdriver and with the power off check ALL the connections. Some of mine were so loose I wondered how it even did anything.
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    Re: Trouble cutting circles. Trouble with y-axis

    I found the problem. Apparently the current settings on the driver were too high. Caused the stepper motor to miss some steps. Changed it to the right settings and now I can cut circles perfectly and very fast. Oh and don't worry. I had a spare controller so no extra money spent

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