So it's no secret AlphaCAM is not very friendly or good with CAD features. Which is why we do our 3D modeling in programs like Fusion 360, Inventor, Spaceclaim etc. There is one fault in particular that I found that I find almost impossible to be true. I tried getting my reports to report fractions on my widths and lengths of parts, there was even an encoded cell you could drag in under 'Field List' in report designer I explained in my last post (which got no replies) to get it to generate fractions which was giving me bizarre numbers when implemented. So I gave up on that, exported the Report as a CSV. file and opened in Excel and set up codes in Excel to give me the numbers in 1/64"- not ideal by any means, actually it really pissed me off. But lets try something even easier, something every single CAM/CAD/fabricating software should have built into it and thats to dimension parts in CAD in 1/64" and 1/32" fractions. Now when you are in the CAD tab in the program and you click your little dimension icon you can click the 'Configure' tab that pops up on the window and this option will let you click 'Use Fractions'. Great, I clicked use fractions unfortunately it's giving me fractions in 100ths and 1000ths of an inch as opposed to the 1/32" and 1/64" me and every other custom millwork company in the United States uses. Is there or a way to change this?? Or is this a real problem in the program that has never been addressed over the past 20 years??? Can someone please give me an answer I'm really really curious. Thanks - Sean