Hey guys,
Here's what I need...I am working on a new machine that drives 2 X motors in parallel, 1 in Y, one on the Z (I may add a 2nd Z) and one Rotary/4th axis. I bought a Campbell board a while back for my 3 axis Bridgeport & that worked great...but now I need something that can accomodate the 5 or 6 steppers (total of 4 or 5 channels) for this new project.

It's been a while...but I think that I need more than one parallel port to drive the extra axes. Is this correct? Anybody using 2 parallel ports (like one board level DB25 & one PCI DB25) and notice any difference between the 2 working together? Should both be PCI? I will be driving the system via Mach3.

Thanks in advance!