Hi All,

Let me clarify....

I have just rebuilt my Computer following a hard-drive failure. I had been sensible in that I had all my settings and xml file backed up to another drive so it didn't take long to get things back to normal. I am now running Mach software and have a strange problem.

The machine is running on a HobbyCNC 4 Axis board with a 40v Power supply and a 600mm x 320mm table. Y axis is length of table and X axis is width.

Following the rebuid, I started to test all the axes one by one - just to make sure that all was working as before. I started with the Y axis by using a random Gcode generation program in Excel that produces the code, and literally sends the Y axis up and down the table in irregular patterns from your defined zero for a period of about 15 minutes - eventually stopping at the defined zero spot.

All went well with the 'up and down the table' bit, but I noticed that after the program had been run and ended, the X axis had moved across the table almost 0.25" from its original position!

Now, I have to admit that I dont know if it was doing the same before the hard-drive problem or not - I had never thought to test it this way previously. I have checked the code output from the generator and there are no X moves anywhere!

I find it strange that it is even possible for the X Axis to move with there being no commands in the code to move it - but somehow it has managed to do just that.

Would be grateful for any suggestions on how this might have happened - along with any thoughts on how the problem can be overcome. My initial thoughts are that maybe the currents operating the Y axis are causing the X axis to move via induction into the X axis cable?

I hope someone can help me with this....