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    Cant join liness to arcs or conics without corrupting whole drawing.

    Hi. I have spend quite some time working out how to join the segments of a part in order to be able to extrude it out. Everything works fine using the "Join Curve" option until I try to join a straight line to a conic or ark. As soon as I do it, the straight lines are corrupted and end up with small radiuses on them, on the whole drawing. I have attached three pictures. One normal, one after using the "join Curve" and a larger version of the part.

    Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong in trying to join this drawing?

    Kind Regards

    Attachment 325790

    Attachment 325792

    Attachment 325794

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    Re: Cant join liness to arcs or conics without corrupting whole drawing.

    Didi you get this sorted?

    Your picture distorts because you are moving the point instead of bridging it. Powerpack now has a tool to identify and help join gaps.



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