Before you purchase, there are several items you have to confirm:

Learn about the material you will use for the laser machine.

Non-metalic material usually requires CO2 laser machine, but metal sheet cutting work requires fiberglass laser cutting machine.

Check the type of work you want to use the China laser machine for.

If you process column material, such as glass cup, bottles, bamboo, egg, you have to requires the machine fits rotary device( rotary attachment) and moving table. The rotary devices are different for holding bottles and egg, so do remember list what type of work you do. Laser machines are designed for different applications, such as textile cut laser machine, marble prototyping laser machine, sign making laser machine, even label cutting etc. Textile cut requires special working table and support to hold textile rollers, marble processing requires rolling table for lifting and moving easily, label cutting requires a scanner which could scan the edge of label to guide the laser head to cut. If this is something you want to invest in, buy a machine that can do that.

Investigate laser tube power you want.

Wood cutting and paper cutting requires different laser tube power, cutting thickness also requires different power, so this is the important element you should consider too.