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    Uneven engraving mystery...

    Hello again...

    I have a mysterious issue that I cannot figure out. Any advice we be greatly appreciated.

    I am "engraving" the paint off of anodized aluminum alloy panels to create patterns and images.
    I am running into a problem where the output is uneven especially if the engraving takes more than 5-10 minutes to complete.
    I get random striping off and on throughout the piece (please see photo).
    I found that if the banding starts and I pause the engraving and then re-start it the burn is clean again for a few minutes.
    When it is banding it looks as though the laser is less bright on the surface.
    This suggests to me a possible power issue, but what kind I don't know.

    Attachment 330814

    Has anyone seen anything like this?
    The example was engraved at a speed of 100mm/s at 50% on a 40w chinese co2 laser.


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    Re: Uneven engraving mystery...

    Hello. I faced the same problem. Tell me, did you manage to solve it? If so, how?

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    Re: Uneven engraving mystery...

    Your piece may be heating up causing the striping

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