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    I want to build a fine cutting machine

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a couple of projects for which I need a fine lasercutter. I am aware, that its gonna cost a lot of money and expertise, but I know it can be done. At this point I have no idea how I am going to do it, this is one of the reasons I am on this forum.

    I need sub 0.05 mm cut width, perferably sub 0.03 mm. This is one of the key points. Materials to cut is 1 mm stainless and thinner.

    Budget is not unlimited (unfortunately), but I am a mechanical engineer. I have some machine building experience, I have even seen Aerotech motion control equipment, I have even fiddled around with it, but I am far from knowing it. I am not even sure if I need Aerotech for the project, high precision guides and ball screws could probably do.

    Anyway, some creative advice on how to start, how to save, how to find ways around would be very highly appreciated.

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    Re: I want to build a fine cutting machine

    What is working area that you need?
    CNC lasers, constructions, service

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