Hi there, I'm in the process of building a CNC for hobby use, for milling soft woods and MDF.
Wanted to go with the Nema 23, 300 oz / in, 3A motors.
I see the most common drivers for this are the TB6560, as it's 3 drivers in one board, which sounds tempting than having 3 drivers to wire individually.
Was told, without much explanation, that TB6560 is not suitable for what I want, and go for a leadshine driver.

So I don't know what to do, and want your advice, there is this kit that has everything in one place:
CNC Professional 3Axis TB6560 Driver Box 3x2 5nm NEMA 23 Motor Gcode Recorded | eBay
But this is a "canned" TB6560, it has everything I want in one kit, but what about the heat building up ?

The alternative is going with a leadshine M542 kit of 3 drivers, but it costs double, and I fear the wiring process on them.

So what would you recommend me, given the use I will give the machine, and my poor electrical skills ?

Thanks so much, and look forward to hearing your advice.