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    Bridgeport Interact 308 + Heidenhaim TNC 2500 | Parameters

    Hello everybody! I've been given a Bridgeport Interact 308 with a Heidenhaim TNC 2500 as a gift for my studies. I'm currently learning about this kind of machines, how they work, their problems and fixes, how to use them, and so on.

    Short time ago I had to replace the backup battery of this machine and I hadn't had a backup copy of the machine's parameters (and I didn't even know they would lose), so I'm not able to make it work properly again.

    Searching on many sites and forums I've found similar machines' parameters, but they just don't fit with this. I was able to only start up the system. None engines or "physical" parts.

    I would be glad and really grateful if someone could help me with this by sending me this required parameters. This is the only CNC I have and as I'm using it only for learning it, I cannot afford an official support nor buy another.

    Thanks in advance!
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