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    Re: Building a Grandfather Clock

    New to this forum and was very interested in this thread. I am starting the Columbia now myself. I am wondering how it turned out. Sad to see the documentation of your progress ended. Are you on a long break or did you just decide to stop blogging it?

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    Re: Building a Grandfather Clock

    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond1 View Post
    Are you on a long break or did you just decide to stop blogging it?
    Actually a little bit of both.

    Over the past year or so I have not had much of a chance to work on the clock. I started a small business a couple years ago and it has kept me quite busy. I work my normal day job and then come home and work the small business another 25-30 hours a week, not leaving much time for woodworking currently. If Corporate America becomes much more of a pain, I might have all the time in the world to do woodworking

    I will snap some more pictures in the coming days and get them posted so everyone can see where I am at with the project. Nice to know someone was following along.


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    Re: Building a Grandfather Clock

    Great to hear more from you
    want to see videos about cnc want to build your own cnc
    go here .... http://buildowncnc.blogspot.com

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    Thanks, Hack and Diamond1. Actually, your idea inspired me to try Columbia kit as well . I'm a newbie, and I suppose I will be having a hard time with a clock in the beginning. Anyway, during the next month, I'm busy with a papersowl review I write for this website. But right after I'm planning to dive straight into woodworking.

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