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    Machine Lines when V-Carving

    Was wondering if anyone has any tips or trick to get rid rid of or lessen machine lines
    when v-carving. I was using a brand new bit and router. Also, I measured the y axis and it is in sync. I tried getting the router perfectly 90deg to the spoil board by using a bent steel rod. I put the bent steel rod in the router chuck and measured the distance with feeler gauges while rotating it. It helped make the cut a lot cleaner but the lines are still there. I am getting a more accurate gauge to get it closer to 90 but was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and how they fixed it. I am cutting into white pine and my cut depth was .0625 each pass.
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    Re: Machine Lines when V-Carving

    The angle of your vee cutter might not quite be 90 degrees, it needs to be measured accurately and the same angle used in the tool settings for best results.


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