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    Leetro Mpc6525 dll version

    I am trying to get my tzjd-1410 laser cutter to communicate with Lasercut 5.3. When I press "Y+", "Y-", "X+", etc. the carriage moves, but when I start a job, the display beeps and says "DLL VERSION DOES NOT MATCH FIRMWARE VERSION"

    I have the version of the dll and the firmware but it still complains at me. I attached images of the board and the "MPC05Ver" utility output.

    Furthermore, when I try to upgrade the firmware on the board to the current one from the Leetro website, it doesn't seem to change anything, and the MPC05Ver utility still reports

    Does anybody have a solution for how to get this controller to work? I have contacted Leetro but haven't gotten a response.
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    Re: Leetro Mpc6525 dll version

    I have a similiar problem. Have you solve it?

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    Re: Leetro Mpc6525 dll version

    You can try to upgrade to a newer firmware version.

    Here is a link to get the new firmware for free. ..as fast as you want it.

    Ray Scott
    Rabbit Laser USA

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    Re: Leetro Mpc6525 dll version

    Normally that problem is caused by electrical problems in the machine that end up damaging the controller. We recommend you check if it is properly grounded. Not only the machine from its external terminal, but also each component, controller, power supply, etc.
    If you are very lucky unloading the residual current the controller can work again.

    I leave a link to a software used to recover the leetro controllers:

    Leetro Recover

    Greetings and good luck!

    German Rothar
    BuchiCNC USA

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    Re: Leetro Mpc6525 dll version

    I had the same controller and upgraded to a Ruida about 6 months ago so I could use LB. Best decision I made. Once I switch to LB I realized just how much of my workflow was spent making sure LaserCut was happy and wouldn’t crash. I was using LaserCut 6.0 which was a bit janky, but compiled the project significantly faster than 5.3.

    That said, I’d personally go with a Ruida over a GRBL based controller. You have a full display to work with. I did have to cut my chassis to accommodate the larger display (I went with the RDC6344 full touch screen). I ordered mine from CloudRay on AliExpress. If you wait and watch they will run 25% off sales.

    Wiring was easy, some wire go to different connectors on the Ruida. And I spent way to long fighting the Y axis not working because the label on the wire was wrong from the factory. Once I got that sorted out, the only other frustrating thing was Ruida/LB configure the steps per pulse in um (iirc) and LaserCut does it in mm. Once I figured that out, it was easy enough to go from 0.00076 to 7.6 in the config section of LB.

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