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    I got no idea...

    I got my cnc out and decided to get back into it. I am haveing some problems though. I made a square pocket cut in VCarve. When I run it, it rounds off 2 opposite corners. I put a pic of the tool path in mach3 to help see what I am describing. Any ideas why this would do this? I am at a loss.
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    Re: I got no idea...

    Almost looks like the X and Y axis are cross talking on a Y move. Maybe take a look at the g code and see if there is an X move while Y is moving, could be a setup issue in the post processor. Does Y move when you jog X?

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    Re: I got no idea...

    Do you have constant velocity on with a high federate and low acceleration ? Try turning CV off and see if the problem goes away.

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    Re: I got no idea...

    Seems to be something in the gcode. I tried a different project and it worked fine. Thanks for the input!

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