so I'm into woodworking and I decided to get a small cnc to engrave names and such. I got a small one that's basically a Chinese 3040 of sorts it has a black control box with a usb ab port and a parallel port when I bought it I got the computer with it and everything worked. it was set up for mach3 using the parallel port I used it with the parallel port and it worked fine multiple times but the other day it would not jog at all I checked all the mach3 settings and all the ports and pins and my cables but it still wont work my pcs port works fine but it will not work anymore I didn't change anything so its really upsetting. I think the problem is the breakout board it works on its original Chinese software with the usb ab cord but I only have the x and z axis no y is there anything anyone knows that could be making it do that. and is there a fix. I'm fine with having to swap boards if it will make it work. thank you