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    Trying to figure out PS Requirement

    I have the following steppers on my 24x24 DIY CNC router: (Highlighted one)

    57BYGH633 (6 leads)
    3v, 3a, 1.6mH inductance

    I'm currently running them using TB6600 with a 24v PS. The motors are wired in half-coil. The drives is set at 4 microstep (800 steps per rev) and the amperage on the driver is set at 2.8A.

    I know that in half-coil the stepper gives less torque but having a 24v I wanted to keep the inductance as low as possible to be able to achieve higher speed.

    During tests, I've achieved 1250RPM which gives near 400 IPM using T8 screws on X and Y axis and never managed to stall the motors. I don't remember what are my acceleration settings but I get full speed in less than 4 inches.

    I found that the motors were screaming at 400IPM so I set rapid to 275IPM since the CNC can travel the 18x18 working area in less than 4 sec. I felt that it was safer.

    I managed to get used AM882 driver to replace the crappy TB6600 but since these driver can accept between 20v and 80v PS, I wanted to upgrade my PS too and make sure that it matches the motors correctly.

    What would be the best voltage for these motors? Is it ok to set the amperage on the drive to 3A? Will it affect the motor heat? Can I wire the motor differently to achieve more torque in order to take deeper cuts and have better accelerations? I don't want to sacrifice speed though. I've burned my share of cutter.

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    Re: Trying to figure out PS Requirement

    James hosts the single best wiki page about steppers for CNC hobbyists on the net:
    http://www.piclist.com/techref/io/steppers.htm Disagree? Tell him what's missing! ,o)

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    Re: Trying to figure out PS Requirement

    Thanks James

    According to this, my X and Y motors (1.6 mH) have a max voltage of 40v.

    And according to the max speed calculator, I should be able to spin it to 1200+ RPM.

    Given the fact that I'm already able to spin the motors to 1275 RPM using a 24v and TB6600 drives the AM882 and a bigger PS (36v or 40v) should do this easily.

    Regarding amperage, the motors are rated at 3A. Is this, like the voltage, a max value or it is the value I should configure the drives with?

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    Re: Trying to figure out PS Requirement

    Amps are Max. Any higher an you may damage the motor.
    The voltage on the other hand, is more of an estimated max, and in some cases, you can run them at higher voltages.

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    Re: Trying to figure out PS Requirement

    Thanks Gerry.

    Since amps affect torque, will it help get better acceleration if I'm near the max amp for the motor? Or it is related to the voltage?

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