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    New plasma table won't cut

    We have a new plasma table and I've been working on getting it set up but am not having much luck. I need help figuring out what I'm missing. When I open Gcode from a file that came with Mach3 it cuts like this:

    Too much slag but it does cut through.

    Even bigger problem when I open Gcode from a file I create in Sheetcam. Most of the time the plasma will not arch. If it does, It will not cut through. It cuts like this:

    Maybe I'm using the wrong post processor? Right now I'm using Mach3 plasma post processor. Any advise on what I may be doing wrong?

    We are using a Hypotherm Powermax1250, Solid Edge ST9, Sheetcam & Mach3. Here's some pics of the set up:

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    Re: New plasma table won't cut

    off the shelf gcode is unlikely to be ideal for your machine/material/settings - use sheetcam to generate gcode that does work - that means create a sheetcam tool with the right lead-in, pierce height, start delay, cutting height, and speed for the material you are cutting, and set the torch pressure and amps for that material, and have mach3 configured accordingly - then test cut and adjust the tool settings until you get it dialed in for that material - plasma requires all those variable to be set just right - usually you'd have at least one tool in sheetcam for each material thickness you want to cut - for cutting small holes you can have a second tool for each material with different lead-in and slower speed

    it appears that your post processor is compatible with your machine - that's probably not the problem - you usually select a post processor based on what sort of arc and height control you have - it has nothing to do with tweaking the cut variables that affect cut quality

    once everything is set then you just have to zero the Z height accurately for every cut - if the material is warped or your Z height is off for some reason then cut quality will be off as well

    in the first picture it looks like cut speed is too slow - in the 2nd picture it looks too fast and maybe not enough pierce delay

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