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    Spindel cooler

    Hey there Guys, I was needing some assistance.
    I have a Fadal 4020 that is running with a GE Fanuc series 18i-MB system.
    I have traced everything back from the spindle cooler and I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a screen for me to manually turn I/O's on and off.
    seems like the cooler is getting power just not switching over, i know this isn't right because how hot the spindle is getting and I'm not wanting the spindle to get so hot that it will have to be replaced.
    If someone could point me in the right direction on if there is even a screen that allows you to manually turn on I/O's or something around those lines it would be much appreciated.



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    Re: Spindel cooler

    as far as i know every spindle oil cooler is powered and working all the time,i mean the recirculating pump is working and circulate the oil from the cooler to the spindle and back.
    in the circuit there is a pressure switch that send to machine a signal when is pressure up and also there is a thermic sensor toofor starting the cooling system to cool the oil.
    So only when the thermic sensor will start the second circuit to cool the oil to the temperature you set on.
    what type of cooling system you have?
    can we see some picture?

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    Re: Spindel cooler

    the cooler unit is self-controled,
    the cnc do not control the cooler.
    the cnc only receive RUN or ALARM signals from the cooler controler

    check the temparature range settings on the cooler controler.


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