I have been troubleshooting this problem for sometime and have had no luck in figuring it out!

First the back story, Had a lighting bolt hit the electrical transformer at my shop. Blew it off the pole.It was repaired and power restored.

I tried to start my Ez Router Scorpion 5 x 10 that is controlled using Mach3. When I opened Mach3 and hit the re-set button, I got a error- External Estop Requested- message. I went to the diagnostic page and the A home led light was on (pin 15) and below it the Estop was flashing.

I call and talked to the techs at Ez Router and they walked me through some troubleshooting procedures. It was suggested that my parallel cable was damaged, so I got a new one, but it did not fix the problem. Called back and it was suggested that pin number 15 on my computer was bad, so I bought a new board, hard drive and reloaded Mach3 that has a custom setup for my Ez router, still same problem. External Estop Request error and on diagnostic page-A home light still on and light below still flashing.

Here are the pin assignments for the various input axis:
pin 11 X axis -
pin 12 Y axis -
pin 13 Z axis -
pin 15 A axis (slave to Y axis)
pin 15 is also set to the Probe.
And pin 10 Estop. All set to port 1.

I did do some troubleshooting of my own, in the inputs page I changed the setting for X axis to pin 15 and made the A axis pin 11, the result, led came on A axis home and limit lights. Tried this method with the other axis and same error for pin 15.

Does anybody have a clue where to look next? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Richard
P.S. The folks at Ez Router have been very helpful, just started feeling guilty about calling so much and not getting anywhere.