I am looking at purchasing a used Mazak lathe this week. One is a SQT15MS - T-32-3 control, c axis, subspindle, bar feeder, chip conveyor, parts catcher. the other is an Integrex 30 - c and y axis, tailstock, 40 tool tool changer, and chip conveyor.

I am doing gunsmithing and short prototype work. I purchased my first cnc machine about 6 moths ago a Milltronics VMC17 mill I have used manual lathes and mills previously. I would also like ot make lathe turned bullets but not sure if either machine is right for that purpose. I know I can do everything I need with the sqt but the INtegrex I can get very cheap and it will open up alot of other possibilities . Both are in good condition with lots of tooling. The SQT will cost me more than the INtegrex.

I will also be looking for a post processor I currently use Inventor with HSM on my mill and it works good for the stuff I have done. I know I would need ot get post for this and wonder what the best place to find a post would be?

Also if ther esi a better choice let me know. I do not have a ton of money to spend on software.