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Thread: Need Advice

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    Smile Need Advice

    I have a Daewoo Puma 6G with a Mitsubishi controller 520L I believe and want to run Mach 3 on it and get rid of the control, what do I need to purchase to get it up and running. Thanks Guys for your help in advance. Bert

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    Re: Need Advice

    Burt, you ask a complex question. There is a lot going on in that machine. How many axis? This is going to be bit more complex than just buying a BOB and hanging a computer on it. Are the axis motors open loop steppers or servos? I suspect everything is servos, and if so, what drives? Those answers will help determine the hardware needed.

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    Re: Need Advice

    Thank you Jim for responding, the motors are servos, 2 axis machine, MDS-A-V2-101 Servo Amplifier, MDS-A-SP-110 Spindle Amplifier, MDS-A-CV-110 Common Converter, Has a hydraulic chuck.

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    Re: Need Advice

    Tool changer or positioner also? Servo driven?

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    Re: Need Advice

    I browsed through the manual for those drives (all 350 pages), it seems that they are digital drives and communicate with the dedicated NC unit (computer) via CanBus or ModBus or maybe a proprietary communication protocol. The manual was not very forthcoming on this. There may be another manual on the communication protocol that I didn't find on line.

    Mach3 can be made to work with ModBus, but I have never looked at the configuration. I am not a Mach3 expert. You might take a look here: Modbus in Mach - Mach3Wiki

    I guess the next question is: How are your programming skills? It looks like at the very least there would need to be some macros programmed in Mach3.

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