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    Writing Macro to Help with Edge Finding VF2 - Need Help

    I'm writing a custom macro to help with edge finding parts - I do not have a probe. I use one of the radial edge finders, run a low rpm - touch the edge until it shifts off center, adjust for radius and done.

    PITA - when you have to do it a bunch - especially when finding the center of your parts versus picking up just two edges.

    I pretty much have the macro written - and it seems to be working, doing the math and setting WCS Offsets correctly, moving to edge positions etc. (Kind of like using a probing macro)

    However - one MAJOR hurdle. when running the program, and it positions itself to then jog handle to the edge - I call an #3006 to allow me to do the actual edge finding in jog mode before moving on to the next side. However; this shuts off the spindle on me - no Spindle turning=no edge finding.

    Is there another code I can use to accomplish this besides a #3006 - or a setting or override? Any ideas to power through this..?

    My machine is a 99 HAAS VF2.

    Please no lectures or posts on safety and spindle spinning etc.

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    Re: Writing Macro to Help with Edge Finding VF2 - Need Help

    You could increment a variable each time you hit cycle start and go through a different part of the program rather than try to do it with a live program. Have you looked into any kind of wired probe or similar? The skip input is made for this.

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    Re: Writing Macro to Help with Edge Finding VF2 - Need Help

    With a probe like this https://www.tormach.com/product_tts_...ing_probe.html it can directly tie into your skip input. Then you download the renishaw macros from haas diy site and mod them a bit. I have a 96 vf2 I put a renishaw on so I know it can work. There are a small handful of changes necessary but but it mostly worked out of the box.

    I think it is going to be cumbersome to do what you are trying because the control isn't really set up to allow user movement mid program.

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    Re: Writing Macro to Help with Edge Finding VF2 - Need Help

    Thanks for the input - I purchased a Fowler electronic edge finder Friday night, it should be here tomorrow. That should get me over the hump temporarily - as it doesn't require the spindle to turn. I'm just not sure how accurate it will be. I can get the jog handle to work mid program, that works OK, though as you said it is cumbersome.

    This is the Fowler on order:
    Fowler Electronic Edge Finder

    You have me intrigued though as to what the next level is/could be. (Always learning, sometimes in baby steps) being able to let it just jog automatically by itself would be awesome. What is the skip input? I'm assuming it maybe when a probe touches and sends a signal to the control(No idea how that works - yet..) Did you use the Tormach probe on your VF2 setup - I would definitely like to know more about all of it. I just don't think I want to stick a very expensive probing system on this old a machine.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Writing Macro to Help with Edge Finding VF2 - Need Help

    I used a new renishaw system from haas. I didnt have a compatible control but they sold the kit to me with a no support understanding. I ended up printing myself a reference card and laminating it with the same vqc calls.

    I just pointed that probe out for reference, as it could tie into the same skip input just like the renishaw does. G31 is the core code that does the work. All machines will have a skip input on the io board. It is a simple closure, and the haas/renishaw is to close until touch or power off.

    Doesn't the fowler only work on metal?

    I like the probe and tool setter, I feel it is worth it. It makes setups much more streamlined, especially bore and boss finding. One can also do tool checks, or automated work offset adjustment for parts. The old controls are a bit slow on processing, but it works. One thing I have found out is that m77/m76 really speed it up, but on my setup I can't use it because the skip input triggers funny and causes innaccuracy when the display is or has been off.

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    Re: Writing Macro to Help with Edge Finding VF2 - Need Help

    I don't use a macro, but this is what I use in MDI to find the breech of rifle barrels in the HA5C indexer:
    (Edge finder is T1)

    T1 M6
    S1300 M3
    G0 X-1.0 Y0
    G43 H01 G0 Z.2

    Hit JOG mode X .001 and dial over 'til the EF kicks off.
    Go to offsets and add .250 to X offset.
    Switch to memory mode and run the program.

    Regards, Ray
    ​"There is no such thing as a gun free zone."
    Ray Brandes, Ray-Vin.Com, PCB, FL 32408 USA

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    Re: Writing Macro to Help with Edge Finding VF2 - Need Help

    I do a similar operation as RBrandes. My program looks like this when I am sweeping a hole that is too small for the probe.

    T24 M6
    G0 G90 G55 X0 Y0 T25

    N25 (PROBE)
    T25 M06
    G00 G90 G55 A0 X-.25 Y.2 M05
    G43 Z3. H25 T09
    G65 P9832
    G65 P9810 Z.3 F50.
    G65 P9023 A9. S55. (PROBE Z SURFACE)
    G00 G90 Z3.
    G53 Z0

    N09 (1/8 4 FLUTE BALL CRB EM)
    T09 M06
    G53 Z0
    G00 G55 X-.1999 Y.2458 S9000 M03
    G43 Z.099 H09 M08 T08
    G01 Z-.001 F18.
    Continues with program...

    At M00, put in manual and put in indicator. Bring down and sweep hole. Set X and Y zero in offset page. Bring up spindle and remove indicator. Go to Auto and press start.
    The probe operation just does the Z surface. Just don't press reset or MDI during any of this.

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