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    pm3d not working

    i downloaded the newest version of pm14 and after installing the pm3d program will not open. i try to open the file and get the windows thinking swirley then poof nothing. not even running in the task manager. running windows 10 never had an issu till the re install. i use geomagic for my designs as its just easier for me to use then the dolphin cad. havent had time to sit and learn the 3d cam yet as most of my stuff is 2.5d so the pm3d is rather important.

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    Re: pm3d not working

    I had trouble with it and it turned out I didn't have enough video memory.

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    Re: pm3d not working

    how much video memory is required? i have 3 gig video memmory.

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    Re: pm3d not working

    Hello ,

    Can you download and install this later version please.



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    Re: pm3d not working

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