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    Leadshine MX4660 Mach 3 Setting

    I have a Leadshine MX4660( Leadshine Technology Co., Ltd.) and it was working good with Mach 3.
    I had a motor bind up and it went into Protection Mode.
    I have a single red light Flash on my X axis and a 3 red light flas on the other 3 axis.
    How do I get it to reset? My Mach 3 controller software wont let me reset due to E Stop.

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    Re: Leadshine MX4660 Mach 3 Setting

    Hi gcnc588,

    If the red light flash one time, that means this module is over current. And if after power on, can not remove this error, then this module maybe damaged.
    Try to restart the drive, if the error can not be removed. Try another new module !

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    Hi ,
    gcnc588 you found a solution? I also facing the problem any leads?

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