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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Alphacam > alphacam to mach3 issue
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    alphacam to mach3 issue

    Hi everyone, i recently bought myself a home made cnc router. I use alphacam at work and so wanted to keep using that, iv looked around the forum and found the post for it however on cutting a sheet yesterday i have found a issue!!!

    I know it will be something in the post that needs changing but i have absolutely no idea what it is

    if you have a look at the photo it has just gone over and done a random cut on the left. I have added the post that i have got from the forum aswell. any help would be great :cheers:



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    Re: alphacam to mach3 issue


    post look ok (some simple things, but nothing what can cause problem with a rapid). . I do not think that problem is with a post. Can u upload also alpahacam file?
    Alphacam post and VBA macros, Autodesk HSM post.

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