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IndustryArena Forum > Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines > General Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine Discussion > MORN Laser: How to Customize Wedding Invitations with a Laser Cutting Machine?
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    Post MORN Laser: How to Customize Wedding Invitations with a Laser Cutting Machine?

    Laser cutting machines are now increasingly welcomed by wedding invitations making industries. What will you think of when referring to wedding invitations? A white card or cards with light colors may occur to your mind, on which the name of bridegroom and bride, wedding date and site, and some wedding blessings are written.

    Yes, this is the most common type of wedding invitations in reality. And especially for our Chinese people, wedding invitations are usually made of bright red cards with golden characters on them, jubilant but similar. Modern people who like to seek personalization and innovation won’t stick to the convention in their wedding days. Wedding invitations are just one of the aspects they take energy to reform to express their styles. Laser cutting technology perfectly meets this need through its high quality cutting results and precision.

    There are three reasons about why laser cutting technology can innovate the wedding invitations in both materials and styles. The first one is that laser cutting machine are so versatile to cut a range of materials that wedding invitation cutting won’t be limited to paper or cards. Wood and acrylic, for example, can also be used to make wedding invitations by laser cutting. Next, differing from traditional plane wedding invitations, laser cutting wedding invitations can be three-dimensional by hollowing, engraving and cutting on the surface of materials. This advantage stands out particularly when compared with hand writing or purely printing wedding invitations. Lastly, wedding invitations can be massively produced by laser cutting machines with high efficiency and lower cost.

    You will have little difficulty cutting wedding invitations even though you are a novice towards laser cutting. Then let’s see how to customize wedding invitations with a laser cutting machine step by step.

    1. Decide what materials you want to utilize to produce wedding invitations. As mentioned before, you can cut lots of materials with a laser cutting machine. To innovate, you can choose wood, plastic or some other uncommon materials.

    Attachment 361528

    2. Choose the pattern of wedding invitations from the computer which are connected to the laser cutting machine. You can either choose flat images or three-dimensional designs to enrich the wedding invitations.

    3. Put the selected material on the laser cutting table and turn on the machine who will start cutting according to the images or patterns you set from the computer.

    4. Just wait and let the laser cutter do all the rest of things. There is no need to worry about cleaning the surface of the material manually, for the auxiliary gas equipped in the machine will blow the residue away.

    The whole cutting process is consecutive and convenient, and the laser cutting machine works like a printer, creating beautiful and personalized wedding invitations as you like. Attending a wedding is a joyful and impressive moment when people can share the happiness of the loved ones and cheer for the wedding. However, on receiving a laser cutting wedding invitation, people will get double surprise and pleasure from such exquisitely prepared wedding invitation.

    All in all, laser cutting machines made it possible that wedding invitations can break through the conventional forms and take on attractive new looks. And laser cutting machine manufacturers have been striving to improve the quality of their machines to turn a new leaf for laser industry.

    Article Resources: www.morntech.com

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    Re: MORN Laser: How to Customize Wedding Invitations with a Laser Cutting Machine?

    Well, I never heard of laser engraving on wedding invitations. I mean, I knew you could do that on the rings, but never on the invitations. But it sounds like something tremendous, a very creative idea that might actually turn into a great thing. I'm planning my wedding right now, and this could actually be a great thing to make our invitations unique. We still have to set up two things, the invitations, and my suit. I found a great suit at Gentleman's Guru, and I hope it will be like in the photo.

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    Re: MORN Laser: How to Customize Wedding Invitations with a Laser Cutting Machine?

    I have seen good examples of the Laser Cutting Machine on tara weddings because she does wedding photography all the time. The guys have a large portfolio, so you can see examples of their wedding photos. And these guys offer good prices for their services.

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