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    Delcam Powershape & Powermill User Guides/Training Manuals

    Looking to find any training or manuals to aid in getting up and running in both Powershape and Powermill.

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    Re: Delcam Powershape & Powermill User Guides/Training Manuals

    You had any luck with this?

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    Delcam Powershape unwanted holes

    Powershape making progress; but not without issue:

    For example, I make a 20x20 box and convert it to composite curve, then I smart surface it and get what looks like a great surface all flat in multiple orientations.

    But, then I convert it to a solid and run the solid doctor and it says there is a hole in one corner. If I automatically fix this non visible hole-- then additional problem of overlapping surfaces comes up. Whats up with this hole?

    I think I'm missing something.

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    Hey, I just spotted this thread.

    Your 20x20 'box' is really just a single flat surface. PShape expects a solid to have volume. So because your box is not connected to enough other surfaces to form a volume, it shows you the unconnected edges to report a hole. In your case, all edges are unconnected.

    As a PShape user from V1 (1998) I'm considering a series of YouTube tutorials. Let me know if there'a an audience.


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