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    Broaching on hawk200

    We have a hawk200 w/ A2100 control and have the PH Horn tools to internal broach, but not sure which way to program it. We are producing belt pulleys with a 35mm bore and key way for an 8x10 key. I have the start, as I can orient and lock the spindle, get it to run a couple passes with G1 to test. Which canned cycle do most use to produce the multiple passes without programming each move? Usually program with our CAM software and only use the drilling, reaming cycles. Looked through the manual but not sure if the std ID turning cycle or ?? Previous owner said he had used a face grooving cycle? Any direction would be appreciated.

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    Re: Broaching on hawk200

    just a followup; got through the job with standard code; all the fixed cycles I tried would alarm out as the spindle was not running. I got surfcam to produce the moves and changed the spindle code to what we needed to orient and lock it in the post.

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