Starting a new thread from my leak in electrical cabinet, needing some help here to find this part, needing to get this thing running yesterday, even if someone knows the specs for the switch or can get a part number off theirs? all the numbers are worn off the tag on mine.

Avenger 250T

Having trouble finding this part, got a hold of Fives and they quoted me for a pressure switch, I looked it up on their website and its not the same part, I found the pressure switch they quoted me and its on the opposite side of the tank. I tried capping the line and leaving the switch out just for giggles and obviously got an error, a hydraulic pressure switch error. here is a pic of each one. They list a hydraulic pressure switch that looks identical but say it doesn't match my serial number, is it possibly a different part that happens to look like a hydraulic pressure switch?

The tee that this sensor is connected to comes out of the manifold, and the other side of the tee goes to the pressure gauge that is next to the tank fluid level gauge, it is not connected to any other part of the system with hydraulic lines. Any ideas? I've got parts piling up and they aren't returning my emails now.hydraulic pressure switch. Attachment 362646 Attachment 362648

here is a reference from the manual, my finger is pointed where this sensor/switch is located
Attachment 362650

Thanks underthetire for pointing me in the right direction to find the leak.